The Unexpected One!

Have you experience that you are in a middle of something and suddenly there’s an intervention?

When making a thesis report, time and effort is always present. I felt like its forever to finishworking laptop it.When I was about to finish the last page of my report then suddenly my laptop died. I was stunned and I can’t recall if I have save the last page of my report or not. I can’t understand the feelings at the moment. I was worried and crying because I really work hard on that report.

Then I remember that my laptop has been acting weird, lately. I just ignore it because I only thought of finishing my thesis report. I was so desperate but then I don’t know what to do. The only thing on my mind is getting a failing mark.

I called my mom and told her about what had happened. She suggested to bring my laptop to a repair shop. When I was in the shop, the guy that was fixing my laptop said to me that it was the power supply that caused the problem.

When my laptop was fixed, I was so happy that seems like I was carried by the angels when I walk out from that shop. I know every student can relate from my experience. One thing I’ve learn was always hit the button save and store your important files on emaill accounts. In this ways, it will help you continue even some intervention appears.

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