Duterte: CHR deserves P1,000 budget

MANILA, Philippines — President Duterte yesterday sustain that he is not against the Commission on Human Rights, but rather said chairman Chito Gascon ought to have seen the P1,000 CHR spending coming since he has been blaming the administration for wrongdoing.

Philippine president Duterte

Philippine president Duterte

“Congress allocated P1,000 for the office because congressmen are angry at (Gascon),” Duterte said in a press briefing that lasted until past midnight yesterday.

Duterte additionally said Gascon ought to have seen the decrease budget coming since he has been blaming the administration for wrongdoings and concentrating the CHR efforts on the drug suspects killed amid police operations, however silent on the security officers officers on duty.

“Gascon, since he is pro-yellow, he opens his mouth in a most inappropriate way and he conducts the business of being CHR. Walang alam (he knows nothing),” the President said.

Duterte said he was irritated by Gascon on the grounds that the CHR chairman questioned martial law in Mindanao amid the first few days of its implementation.

He blamed Gascon for being one-sided because he has “already concluded that there are violations.”

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“When you are an investigating agency and you are empowered to investigate and to prosecute recommendation, itong g***** Gascon na ‘to (this foolish Gascon),” the President said.

“How are you supposed to be neutral? You act as the cop, then you also play as the prosecutor. Then when you decide to prosecute, you are the judge.

“Ang ibig sabihin, tanga. Palibhasa nga hindi nga abogado (It means, stupidity. Because you are not a lawyer). And if you are not sure of yourself or where you stand, you might as well just maybe shut up.

“Kaya sabi ko, ‘pag makita ninyo ’yan, isali niyo, barilin ninyo ’yan. (So I said, when you see him, include him, shoot him). You’re obstructing a war there. Magtanong-tanong ka sa mga sundalo (ask the soldiers),” he added.

But Duterte sustain that he is not against the CHR and won’t crush organizations.

“For me, since it is really an organ of government… it’s in the Constitution. Maybe someday, they might review their decision. I’m not here to destroy institutions,” he said.

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Woman with down syndrome fulfills her dream of Presenting the Weather on Nation TV

It had always been this young Frenchwoman’s dream is to present the weather – and because of more than 200,000 people, her wish was granted.

21-year-old Mélanie Segard, who has Down syndrome, presented the weekend weather forecast on the national open TV channel France 2 on Tuesday night.Melanie-on-French-Weather-Channel-Youtube

Segard had been preparing for her big segment consistently, accepting tips from the producers on the most proficient method to present in front of a green screen. Finally, on Tuesday, she knocked it out of the park.

Her objective, she says, was to indicate everybody that a person with handicaps was equipped for performing services that capable people could do – on national TV, no less.

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Her achievement is credited to the production of a Facebook campaign titled “Mélane peut le faire” – or “Mélanie can do it” in English. Made by Unapei, a charity that helps people with disabilities, the page collected more than 225,000 likes in support of Mélanie’s goal.

Regardless of not having the capacity to read or write, agents say that Segard’s stellar performance has opened doors for handicapped individuals across the nation.

“Symbolically, it’s very strong that a young woman with an intellectual disability can come before millions of French people to do something that is close to her heart. This shows that these people have abilities,” Unapei’s president Luc Gateau told to French newspaper La Croix.

Source: http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/woman-syndrome-fulfills-dream-presenting-weather-forecast-national-tv/

New Year Resolution

Today, I would like to welcome the year 2015 and say goodbye to 2014. This year I’ve decide to make some new year resolution.

  • To earn more money!
  • To be more healthier which include food, exercise and life style habit….currently I’m drinking a fermented drink called kefir.
  • Learn more ~ anything that would interest me!
  • Give time to my family and friends!
  • To be more humble.

So far, base on my last year resolution, I only achieve about half of it. I feel sad that I couldn’t achieve them all. So I guess I’ll just add them to this year list! Currently my total underachieved is about 21…but this year I’ll definitely finish and do them well.

Happy New Year!

Charge to experience

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