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Where Can You Get a Nitro PDF Pro Discount Opportunity?

Nitro-Pro-8If you are thinking of buying Nitro PDF Pro, you may want to consider the idea of getting it on a discount so that you can save your money.  The program is actually already among the cheaper PDF reader/editors on the market that are capable of doing what it does, especially when compared to its main competition (which would be Adobe Acrobat Pro), but it still would not hurt to get it for a lower price if it is possible.  And with a little bit of research and digging around, it is definitely possible.

There are many ways to get Nitro PDF Pro 8 on a discount. The first way, of course, is to wait for the big sales holidays to come around so that the stores start marking down products.  Since Nitro PDF Pro’s latest iteration (8) is still so new, though, it is unlikely for it to get marked down save for some unusual promotion or a blanket sale, as on Black Friday in the US or Boxing Day in the UK.  You could try to monitor your favorite stores to see when they are likely to mark down the product, but this is more of a waiting game and a gamble than the other opportunities below.

A more certain opportunity for getting Nitro PDF Pro on a discount would be to hunt for coupons for its purchase.  A lot of publishers and online retailers are now releasing discount coupons for even the newest software in order to stimulate sales, and you might find a discount coupon or code for the program if you look hard enough.  It would be best to check out software coupon sites such as for this, as they are already proven providers of valid discount codes and you can minimize the risks of visiting them or downloading coupons that might have malware or viruses that way.

The final way of getting Nitro PDF Pro would involve settling for the older versions of it instead of the newer ones.  Once newer iterations of a program are published, the older ones typically go on sale.  If you can put up with using the older version, you can get an excellent discount on it from most stores.

3 Handy Tips for Using Nitro PDF Pro 8


Nitro PDF Pro 8 is an excellent program that business users can turn to as an alternative for Adobe’s Acrobat Pro.  The main draw of Nitro PDF Pro 8 (or where it has a leg up on its competition) is in pricing, as it retails for about a fourth of the other program.  This makes it a superb substitute where cost is concerned.

Nitro PDF Pro 8 does almost everything Adobe Acrobat Pro XI does, and it can generally be relied upon to deliver a simple, user-friendly PDF editing or reading experience.  That said, there are some things new or novice users may appreciate getting help with, and below are a few tips that can provide that sort of help.

The first tip has to do with conversion.  Most people buying Nitro PDF Pro 8 know that this is actually one of the strengths of the program: even when compared to its main competitor from Adobe, Nitro PDF Pro tends to do better at most conversion jobs by OCR since it actually has the capacity to recognize and import macros.  However, there does exist a tiny hitch that many OCR programs have: the OCR can fail when very large files are undergoing conversion.  Check out the video below that might be helpful.

A good answer for this problem would be to split files into smaller sections that you can combine later on, post-conversion.  Cut up the main file into more manageable chunks, then perform OCR conversion on them for better, more accurate results.

Another tip that users may appreciate and which is also related to conversion would be that it is now possible to create presentations directly from PDF files.  This can save businessmen a lot of time, and can be used by simply performing a convert-to-PowerPoint operation on a PDF file using Nitro PDF Pro.

The last tip has to do with editing PDF text.  Migen Blog’s Nitro PDF Pro 8 has a superb text editing function: you can do it straight to PDF without suffering too many formatting losses.  Be warned, however, that the automatic re-flow of text on Nitro has its limitations.  It is not capable of moving successive paragraphs one line down while preserving line spaces between them, for example, which means you should keep an eye on the end of the paragraph you are editing to make sure it has not yet moved on top of the succeeding paragraph.

Nitro PDF Pro 8: A Worthy Adversary for Adobe’s Acrobat?


PDF may no longer be owned by Adobe, but the company’s PDF reader, Acrobat, still does tend to be the default option for most people.  Fortunately for the market (and us consumers, more importantly here), competition has been getting stronger and Acrobat is now being faced with some formidable alternatives from other companies, not least of which would be Nitro PDF.  In particular, Nitro PDF Pro 8, the latest edition of Nitro PDF Pro, seems to be poised to give trusty old Adobe’s professional edition of Acrobat a run for its money.

Money, in fact, is the first point of divergence between the two where the alternative gets a lead on the default.  Nitro PDF Pro retails for only USD119.99, which, though some may initially think it steep, is actually a great price for a professional PDF reader and editor of its calibre.  Its main competitor, Adobe Acrobat Pro (which is now on its eleventh edition, by the way), retails for much more.  A one year subscription to Adobe Acrobat Pro XI costs USD228 (at USD19 per month), an upgrade from a previous version costs around USD199 (but that assumes you purchased the previous version, of course, so the total cost would be higher), and a full version is USD449.  Cost-wise, Nitro is by far more appealing to most people.

And as far as the important functions go, there really isn’t that much between them, to be honest.  Nitro does nearly everything that most users will consider essential to Adobe Acrobat Pro, and sometimes even does them better.  It imports macros during conversions and preserves tables, for instance, which is far more than Adobe’s software does sometimes, for all its bells and whistles.  Oh, some truly advanced or heavy users will probably miss the things Adobe has that Nitro doesn’t—all the fancy formats, functions, and features that make it possible to put together unbelievable-looking PDFs, for instance—but most users won’t mind their loss.  The only two gripes that would probably really make a difference in most business settings would be that Nitro’s software doesn’t come with Adobe’s auto-form fill function and can also be a little slow in opening some PDFs compared to Acrobat.

Still, these are the sorts of things most people would be willing to put up with in exchange for the savings offered by the alternative program.  If you think you can do without some of the uber-heavy bells and whistles, you should probably give Nitro a look and pick up a great PDF reader-editor-converter for a song.